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Escortmu? Orospumu? Hayat Kadınımı? Are Escort Services the same as prostitution?

Are Escort Services the same as prostitution?This is a question that probably often comes across your mind. In some senses, they may provide a similar service to become a man’s companion. However, there are in fact, many differences.The ServiceEscort service is considered as an entertaining service. For instance, İstanbul Escort Service provides many beautiful hot looking women ready to be hired for entertainment. They come to make a guy happy even when they just chat or dine. Unlike an escort, a prostitute only works to fulfill sexual desire. This is why you can see many prostitutes line up in a dark street. It’s because they aim at a guy who is in need for sex.The PriceAn escort from istanbul VIP escorts may be expensive; but it is worth the ride! A VIP escort joins a respectful agency so they can have proper schedules and they definitely don’t have to wander around the street. What’s more, the agency will provide everything she needs, from transportation up to great pay. She needs to go through a screening process before she is eligible to entertain her client. This is why most escorts have a wealthy and fun life. When you hire Escorts in İstanbul from they are hired in the capacity as a companion and they do eventually get involved with our clients in very mutually beneficial relationships. To be clear there is absolutely no monies exchanged for sex when our models are hired.The case is different with a prostitute. Most of them are not joining any agency. They risk their life and health without any screening to serve a client. This is why a prostitute may cost much cheaper than an ordinary escort. There are a few things that determine the cost.The BrainAs mentioned on the previous paragraph, an Escorts istanbul is not paid for sex. Although some of them do provide it, if 2 consenting adults agree on it and its not for the exchange of money, its legal. An escort can come from surprising background from a student, an adult actress, model, or other occupations. This is why, when you have a conversation with an escort, you feel very comfortable. She can blend with your colleagues and she turns everyone’s heads with her stunning appearance.These ladies are working with passion when they enter escorting business. They know how they can make money and have fun with a handsome guy who picks her. What’s wrong with having fun anyway?Unlike an escort, a prostitute is strictly there for the money, not to entertain or provide time and companionship.

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