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İstanbul Escorts I make you feel wonderful erotic story

I make you feel wonderful erotic story

I am sure that you, my readers have lots of questions regarding the fact how I make my clients feel wonderful with me, and why a lot of them became my regulars.

Regular client base for escorts

My first rule is to treat them as humans, not as money, a source of money, because if you think your clients come to visit you just to have sex with you, you are wrong. Obviously, there are few who wants sex and nothing more, but most of them want much more than sex. So if you want to have a lot of regular clients, you have to be a good psychologist, you have to try to speak with your client a lot about his life, things he likes. This way you will discover his soul, and your job is done.

Have fashion and passion as an escort girl

On tours, I am always careful about the aspect of my apartments. I like big rooms, on sunny sides of the hotel, because harmony helps me a lot in this amazing job. So I always ask for big rooms, I buy a lot of good smelling candles, rose petals and fresheners, in this way I am sure that my clients enter into another world, my little world, where they forget their daily problems and they can focus only on me and I can focus only on them. My room is always clean and arranged, this why I am a high class escort, to offer high class servicesI always act the way they like: if they want me to be their whore, I am acting so, or I can be everyone’s princess, girlfriend, best friend, wife, therapist, porn star, everything they want. I like to play games with my client, so first of all, you have to discover his mind not his body and you will be the best in his eyes. A lot of my clients ask about me to go out with them in clubs, to have a lot of fun, I am very good dancer, so I always accept clubbing, because I earn a lot of money for an overnight meeting. I have fun and good time with lot of interesting men. I like the feeling when they treat me as a lady, not as whore, they protect me from danger (from other men), believe me, those feelings are great. Each escort, who is ready to work with her head, not just with her pussy will experience those feelings for sure.

Escort services

Icing on the cake is your services for sure, after you analyzed and understood your clients, the only thing you have to do to offer them the best porn star escort or simple escort services. If your customers like your performance in the bed too, good news, they are yours, they book you over and over again to feel like a real man.

You don’t have to be perfect, no one is perfect, but you have to act like an almost perfect woman for your clients.

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