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Meet the high-class escort who revealed her identity and now mentors other women

Amanda Goff was a former journalist in London before she moved to Australia with her two children and made the career change

A woman who revealed her identity after becoming a high-class escort is now mentoring other women with the same career aspirations.

Amanda Goff was a former journalist before she decided to embark on a change of career and become a high-class escort.

Now she has revealed her identity and has written a book about her lifestyle in Australia as well as how she now helps other women to become high-class escorts.

Amanda told Amanda Holden and Gok Wan on This Morning that she was inspired by Billie Piper's character in Diary of a Call Girl.

High class escort Amanda Hoff explains her career

"It was a decision I made in my early 30s. I was always fascinated by Billie Piper in the Call Girl. The London Call Girl series was my training, I'd put the DVDs on and watch those."

Amanda moved from London to Australia before she decided on becoming a high-class escort, charging up to 1,000 Australian dollars an hour and 6,000 dollars for a night.

But she says her job isn't all about sex, she describes herself as a "naked therapist".

Amanda said: "Sex is not a big part of my job. If this job was about sex I would have five minute appointments.

"It's more naked therapy, I hear a lot of confessions. I hear a lot of men who might have been abused, they don't have anyone to tell."

High class escort Amanda Hoff on This Morning

The former tabloid journalist told Amanda and Gok that the reason she had revealed her identity was because she didn't want to be "exposed in my dressing gown on my doorstep".

Amanda's two children who are six and eight, don't fully know what her mother does, but she said: "What I've learnt is that children don't need their parents to have a good job.

"What children need is your time and I haven't told them what I do they know mummy has written a book about sex."

Amanda also said she had told family and friends ahead of the book's release: "I obviously told them before I went public. Some of them have accepted it and some of them haven't."

Amanda Goff

On her first ever night with a man, Amanda admitted she did feel nervous but that it wasn't as glamorous as it sounds.

"I think I was really nervous. It was such an anti-climax.. literally! But I felt euphoric and extremely empowered.

"It was so pedestrian and vanilla. It wasn't sex drugs and rock n roll. It was more so companionship."

Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda questioned why Ms Goff was so expensive and why men couldn't just go to a bar and find someone to have sex with.

Amanda explained that it was about the "whole experience" not just sex: "It's about being a lady, being a courtesan. A lady a man can take to a restaurant and have intelligent conversation with. That's what men are paying for."

Amanda Goff's book, Hooked

Ms Goff also revealed that her clients were, "any man, there's no type. Married single, young old".

She said she had feelings of guilt sleeping with married men but that she "doesn't judge these men for their marriage".

Amanda wanted to share her knowledge in her book, Hooked, as she knows there's "always two sides to a story".

And since she went public, Amanda has been inundated with women from all over the world which is why she set up her own mentoring agency for women over 35.

She told Amanda and Gok: "I got a letter from an 88-year-old woman the other day!"

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